AR Deduction Management

Start Leveraging All the Benefits of AR Deduction Management in Six Short Weeks with the Tribus Point Quick Start Toolset

We understand how important deduction tracking and management is to your business and how effective streamlining your process can be to your bottom line, which is why we created the Tribus Point Quick Start Toolset. In six short weeks, we will have you up and running so you can start leveraging all the benefits of Oracle’s AR Deduction Management.

This solution provides you with industry-leading research, administration, analysis and settlement functionalities to help you resolve your deductions and stay one step ahead of them. AR Deduction Management includes a central claims repository that tracks all disputes and deductions, providing easy access to the critical information needed to resolve deductions quickly and reduce the Days Deductions Outstanding. AR Deduction Management allows you to manage and control complete settlement lifecycles for financial programs and AR disputes.


  • Fully integrated with Oracle Financials
  • Centralized repository for customer disputes, claims and deductions
  • Rules based settlement
  • Territory based claims assignment
  • Workflow and task management automation
  • Automatic thresholds to write off balances
  • Interactive dashboard for operational analysis
  • Enhanced visibility into claims across all departments
  • Comprehensive audit trail

Tribus Point Advantage

  • Six week implementation time frame: Reduce time and cost using the Tribus Point Quick Start Toolset.
  • Streamline the deduction process and improve productivity for claims using a fully integrated excel interface.
  • Reduce cost per transaction and Days Deductions Outstanding (DDO) by mass settling large volumes of deductions.
  • Automate and route approvals quickly using our prebuilt claim approval functions and notifications.
  • Leverage our defaulting rules to reduce the time to research by defaulting critical information.
  • Understand and analyze your deductions using our prebuilt reports available for Discoverer, OBIEE and Endeca (i.e. settlement details and approval history, claims aging, enhanced AR statements, claims cycle time reporting).

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