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We understand the importance of deal management and the impact lost revenue can have on your bottom line, that’s why we created the Deal Management Dashboard.  Our flagship application offers a deal management interface that provides you with detailed insight on the outcome of potential deals so you can make more effective decisions, close more deals and drive revenue. From planning to forecasting the outcome of deals, we help you to close the loop on the deal process. Take a look at the key functionalities included in our Deal Management Dashboard application suite:

Partner Portal

Allow your partners to come in and create potential offers for you, giving you the opportunity to forecast and analyze deals before accepting them to maximize your returns.

Deal Management UI

Quickly and easily create the buy and sell side promotion. Payment history information is available so you can close the loop on the deal process.

Margin Analysis

Evaluate the margin you and the channel will receive by offering a deal.

Deal Analytics

Identify your most profitable item and/or customer and see what the margin is for a specific order line.

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