Channel Revenue Management

Streamline Your Trade Promotion Management Process

Our solutions leverage the Oracle Channel Revenue Management Suite, which provides you with industry-leading applications that have been crafted to meet your every Trade Promotion Management need. This suite of applications is a facet of the Oracle E-Business Suite and was designed to support the entire trade promotion process while driving channel efficiency and effectiveness across your entire organization.

We are the premier implementer for Oracle Channel Revenue Management and our team is made up of industry experts, former product managers and application developers for Channel Revenue Management who have been here since the beginning. We implemented the first release and every one since, leaving Tribus Point as the leading implementer for Channel Revenue Management in the United States and Multinational. Take a look at the key functionalities included in the Oracle Channel Revenue Management application suite:

Price Protection

Orchestrate price protection processes when a supplier changes the price of a product.

Supplier Ship & Debit (Vendor Rebates)

Automate special price requests and vendor rebates with vendors and streamline your ship and debit claims process.

POS & Rebate Management

Manage complex pricing agreements and revenue management for direct and indirect selling programs. Automatically import, validate and cleanse channel POS data and validate complex pricing agreements. Accrue for and debit purchase based rebates.

AR Deduction Management

Automate your deduction tracking and manage complete settlement lifecycles for financial programs and AR disputes.

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