Claims Management

Better Capture and More Effectively Manage Your Claims

We understand how tedious and time-consuming the claims process can be, which is why streamlining this process can help you to more effectively manage your business and free up resources. Claims Management provides you with a complete, closed-loop solution that enables you to better capture and more effectively manage your claims. This solution focuses on the entire process, from claim submission all the way to investigation and settlement.


  • Define contracts and rebates
  • Manage and distribute inbound and outbound liabilities
  • Accrual accounting and configurable alerts
  • Loss and damage dashboard and claims management dashboard
  • Configurable rules based engine to determine desk / department
  • Automated monthly net / gross settlement
  • Configurable rules based engine to determine auto 
payments (by customer, threshold limits, etc)
  • Automated claim creation for related distribution 
claims, third party claims, and salvage claims
  • Waybill linkage for related claims and total claim cost
  • Analytics and dashboard

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