Consumer Packaged Goods

Effectively Manage Revenue & Gain Better Visibility into Your Promotions and Trade Spend Programs

We understand how important promotional pricing and trade spend programs are to your business. Our Consumer Packaged Goods solutions help you to simplify, manage and analyze your trade promotion business processes for all channel partners involved, so you can effectively manage revenue and gain better visibility into your promotions and trade spend programs.

Claims Management

Manage claim costs and increase your levels of service with Tribus Point’s claims management solution. Enables centralized claims execution, unified end-to-end claim information and provides analytics into real-time claims status and critical performance metrics.

Promotion Analysis

Track promotion performance and measure ROI with Oracle’s BI and Endeca solutions that provide complete visibility of trade spend and product margin. Easily identify customer participation and customer product profitability with analytics and dashboards.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Tribus Point’s OBIEE TPM Cockpit Analytics gives you key information at a glance. Our pre-packaged solution enables you to gain instant visibility into your promotional spend and claim processes.

Deal Management

Create profitable promotions and maximize the effectiveness of your entire TPM process with our Deal Management Dashboard, allowing you to plan, forecast and maximize your returns on deals.

POS & Rebate Management

Manage complex pricing agreements and revenue management for direct and indirect selling programs. Automatically import, validate and cleanse channel POS data and validate complex pricing agreements. Accrue for and debit purchase based rebates.

AR Deduction Management

Automate your deduction tracking and manage complete settlement lifecycles for financial programs and AR disputes.


Automate royalty calculations, settlements, and accounting rules across all your channels with Oracle Channel Revenue Management. Employ a rules-based solution, to quickly and accurately calculate accruals and settlements for any content type in any channel.

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