Freight Claims Management

Better Capture and More Effectively Manage Your Transportation Claims

We understand how tedious and time-consuming the freight claims process can be, which is why streamlining this process can help you to more effectively manage your business and free up resources. Freight Claims Management provides you with a complete, closed-loop solution that enables you to better capture and more effectively manage your transportation claims; this solution focuses on the entire process, from claim submission all the way to investigation and settlement.

Freight Claims Management works to capture the true cost of transportation claims while considering transportation partner liabilities, contract clean up services, salvage and other related costs to claim events. This solution provides you with handling and tracking for exception, customer claims for lost or damaged products, and freight overcharges and overpayments. Take a look at the key functionalities included in Freight Claims Management:

Loss & Damage

  • Capture and route claims based on disposition, damage codes, customers, and any number of claim attributes.
  • Capture large volumes of claim data through EDI (924, 926, etc) and other data services such as rail link.
  • Integration of settlement process to AR and AP systems.
  • Automated accounting that tracks liability and accruals from event 
creation to claim settlement.

  Freight Claims

  • Allow for claim tracking and research by linking to critical information centers such as waybill, mileage and route data.
  • Spawn distributed claims to other liable parties (contractors, 
transportation partners, etc).
  • True Cost of Claim calculation for all costs associated to customer 

  Revenue & Refunds

  • Approval and assignment routing of claims based on claim type and customers
  • Automated generation of claims for deductions and overpayments
  • Integration of Settlement process with AR and AP

  Reporting & Analytics

  • Up to date detailed visibility of claims and claims statuses
  • 360 degree view of distributed claim liabilities vs recovered costs 
and distributed liabilities
  • Total cost and margin by customer, by waybill, and by event / loss 
and damage
  • Claim reporting by claim age, related claims, and accounting.
  • Trend reporting by damage, customer, customer specific data 

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