Oracle Endeca

Streamline your Information Discovery Process

We understand that fast, focused responses are key, which is why streamlining your information discovery process can get you the answers you need to make more efficient and effective decisions for your business. Oracle Endeca for Channel Revenue Management provides a foundation for real time analysis of transactional data, allowing the user to quickly find information, act on it, and achieve their business goals.

This solution enhances the user experience by providing timely and accurate information through the use of guided navigation and filtering tools. The Endeca adaptors for EBS give insights into the day’s priorities through a combination of graphs, data searches (structured and unstructured), and integration with the eBusiness Suite. This UI can be considered the starting page, or the prologue page to the start of each business day. Take a look at Endeca’s key features:


  • Search Box – allows the user to search for data, both structured and unstructured
  • Breadcrumbs – displays the current search parameters/reduction criteria
  • Metric Bar – provides an summary of data point
  • Tag Clouds – a data point field with visual accents for high occurrence items (changes on search parameters)
  • Range Filters – controls results based on data point ranges such as dates and value
  • Guided Navigation – listing of data points and data point values used to reduce results
  • Customized Charts – represents data graphically
  • Collection Set of Results Tables – Displays transaction specific information. Can be used to drill down into the application

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