POS & Rebate Management

Optimize the Impact of Your Trade Spending Programs & Promotions Across the Entire Demand Chain

We understand the effectiveness of trade spending programs and how they can provide a maximum ROI for your business when managed properly from start to finish. Oracle’s POS & Rebate Management solution enables you to manage complex pricing agreements and revenue management for direct and indirect selling programs. This solution provides you with closed-loop planning, execution and analysis tools to help optimize the impact of programs and promotions across the entire demand chain. POS & Rebates Management simplifies trade planning by providing structure and visibility to increasingly complex trade programs.


  • Fully integrated with Oracle Financials
  • Administers entire promotion cycle
  • Tracks execution in real-time
  • Reigns in out-of-control spending
  • Real-time view into customer commitments, rebate attainments and liabilities
  • Tiered discounts by product and time periods
  • Automatic tracking of total accumulated volumes across orders
  • Accrue for and debit purchase based rebates
  • Automatic import, cleansing, validation and processing of channel POS data
  • Validates complex pricing agreements

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