Maximize the Effective of Your Trade Promotion Management Process

We leverage products that allow you to take complete control of your Trade Promotion Management business process, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness. Our in-depth Trade Promotion Management expertise and knowledge allowed us to create our flagship applications that help organizations gain the true value of spend with deal and margin analysis and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

Deal Management

Create profitable promotions and maximize the effectiveness of your entire TPM process with our Deal Management Dashboard, allowing you to plan, forecast and maximize your returns on deals.

Partner Portal

Allow your partners to come in and create potential offers for you, giving you the opportunity to forecast and analyze deals before accepting them to maximize your returns.

Margin Dashboard

Evaluate the margin you and the channel will receive by offering a deal.

Freight Claims Management

Streamline your claims processing and management with a central repository of all claims and deductions. Easily access the information you need to resolve claims quickly.

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