Tribus Point Trade Promotion Management Solutions

We understand the importance of trade promotions to your business, which is why we design, plan and implement flexible and scalable solutions according to your business needs. Our highly qualified, professionally trained team will work closely with you to build a solution that helps you to manage and gain the true value of your Trade Promotion Management business process.

Our solutions leverage the Oracle Channel Revenue Management Suite, which provides you with industry-leading applications that have been crafted to meet your every Trade Promotion Management need. We are the premier implementer for Oracle Channel Revenue Management and have been here since the beginning; we implemented the first release of Channel Revenue Management and every release since.

Claims Management

Manage claim costs and increase your levels of service with Tribus Point’s claims management solution. Enables centralized claims execution, unified end-to-end claim information and provides analytics into real-time claims status and critical performance metrics.

Promotion Analysis

Track promotion performance and measure ROI with Oracle’s BI and Endeca solutions that provide complete visibility of trade spend and product margin. Easily identify customer participation and customer product profitability with analytics and dashboards.

Freight Claims Management

Streamline your claims processing and management with a central repository of all claims and deductions. Easily access the information you need to resolve claims quickly.

Deal Management

Create profitable promotions and maximize the effectiveness of your entire TPM process with our Deal Management Dashboard, allowing you to plan, forecast and maximize your returns on deals.

Channel Revenue Management

Enable information-driven channel revenue management by using consistent, accurate enterprise information and advanced tools for managing all aspects of both direct and indirect channels.

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