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Let Us Improve Your Overall Trade Promotion Effectiveness and Boost Your Bottom Lines

We understand that your business is a part of a highly competitive landscape with constantly changing customer demands, which means in order to stay competitive you must effectively leverage your trade promotions. Our highly qualified, professionally trained team will work closely with you to build a solution that helps you to manage and gain the true value of your Trade Promotion Management business process.

Our team of experts will work with you to improve your overall trade promotion effectiveness and boost your bottom lines. We leverage years of experience across multiple industries and have comprehensive knowledge of the Trade Promotion Management applications you need to streamline your process.

What We Do

Our experts analyze and focus on the critical areas of Trade Promotion Management in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your process, allowing us to craft the best possible solution for you. Some of the areas we focus on are:

  • Planning trade promotion programs
  • Tracking programs
  • Identifying revenue leakage
  • Margin analysis
  • Customer product profitability

We work to automate your entire Trade Promotion Management process and give you complete visibility into all of your trade promotion activities. Our experts understand the importance of Trade Promotion Management and will work to build a solution that fits your exact business needs.

How We Deliver Value

Our focus is Trade Promotions and Channel Management. Our methodologies are TPM centric and our industry leading tools sets and accelerators ensure effective implementations, faster rollouts and premier support. Take a look at our TPM Strategy Consulting Process that we use to understand your business and build the best solution for you.

  • TPM Process Analysis – Our team of experts evaluates & reviews your current Trade Promotion Management process.
  • Carefully Crafted Expert Solution – We work to reengineer your business process and select the TPM applications that match your specific business needs in order to optimize your trade promotions.
  • TPM Process Implementation – We work closely with you as the Systems Integrator (SI) to implement your TPM applications and launch your newly streamlined solution.
  • Expert Training & Support – Our experts will work with you to conduct any organizational training and change management necessary.

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