Supplier Ship & Debit (Vendor Rebates)

Reduce the Cost of Managing Special Pricing Agreements

We understand that customer demands and special pricing agreements are always changing, which is why your business can benefit greatly from automating special price requests and vendor rebates with Oracle’s Supplier Ship & Debit. This closed-loop solution reduces the cost of managing special pricing agreements and automates the execution and claims processes.

Supplier Ship & Debit establishes effective pricing agreements with suppliers, allowing you to sell products to customers at a lower price and still maintain an acceptable profit margin. This solution streamlines the submission of claims and the receipt of response from the supplier, allowing distributors to realize value faster on their ship and debit claims.


  • Fully integrated with Oracle Financials
  • Simple pricing agreement tools
  • Real-time supply chain integrations
  • Vendor balance tracking
  • Streamlined claim processing
  • Access to real-time accrual and shipment data

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